Soap Cozies & Dishcloths


Here are two of my recent projects – Soap Cozies and dishcloths. Both of these projects are great for using some of your leftover yarn. The Green/Brown/white dishcloth was crocheted and the purple dishcloth was knitted. These are just two of the patterns I have been trying.

What are soap cozies you ask? They are my own personal creation. They are crocheted little bags with a tie on the top. You place either a bar of soap or leftover pieces of soap into the bag, and tie the bag shut. It’s like a washcloth and soap in one, and you no longer have to worry about a slippery soap bar slipping out of your hand. It also solves another problem that I have. I hate throwing away small pieces of soap because I feel like it is wasting them, but I also hate trying to hold on to them. This way I can use them up!! These cozies were crocheted with cotton yarn.