Easter bunny idea from another blog

Today my mind has been on the annual Easter party that we have for the grand-kids each year.  We dye eggs, make rise krispy Easter baskets and fill them with candy, destroy a pinata :), and have an Easter egg hunt.  Sometimes the party also includes Easter crafts.  Through the year I pick up things that I can use and keep them until the special day arrives.   On my trip to Wal-Mart today to buy some socks I couldn’t resist  picking up some candy and small toys to add to my growing list of supplies.

Since my mind was already on Easter these cute crocheted bunnies jumped out at me while I was surfing other blogs.  You can find them at http://thegreendragonfly.wordpress.com  If you would like to make some yourself  there’s a great tutorial on this blog as well as links to other bunnies and patterns.








(All the pictures are the artist’s property.)



Using extra yarn

My daughter-in-law gave me some yarn that was left over from projects she and a friend had made.  That inspired me to make some potholders for my Etsy shop.  I want to try some other patterns later, but these were quick because I used the same basic pattern for all of them.ImageImageImageImageImageImage 

Custom Potholders – Sammy & Mammy

Sammy & Mammy

Sammy & Mammy

My latest creative project is this custom order of potholders.  The customer sent me the pattern (Grandmother’s Sammy ‘N Mammy Pot Holders)  and told me that she plans to use them for decorative purposes rather than actual use as potholders.  She ordered three sets and I just finished this first set.  I am going to send her some pictures of these to see if she wants me to make any changes for the other two sets.   The potholders are made with worsted weight yarn, are double sided and are quite thick.    I enjoyed making them although the pattern was not very detailed so I had to guess on some of the parts.  The pattern also called for thread, but we used yarn instead.

Here’s a picture of the back of mammy.


The pattern called for a different color on the back which I did – But my personal preference would be to have the back the same color as the front.  I think I would also do something different for the eyes if I was designing the pattern.  I guess I will see how the customer feels about it.