Free Knitting and Crochet Patterns and Tutorials on Blogs

On my last post I shared some links to yarn companies that offer free patterns. This time I want to share some blogs that have free patterns and sometimes even tutorials.  I find that the pictures in the tutorials really help me learn new stitches and understand new patterns.  This is just a short list of blogs where I have recently found patterns.  I will continue to add more as I discover more.  I hope some of these help inspire you to try new patterns. 🙂  Cross bookmark, pineapple bookmark
Lots of color in these designs
Great graduation owl and other animals
Knit, crochet,sewing, embroidery,needlework, etc
This link will take you to a cute giraffe toy.
This knitter has been working through some stitch patterns that her grandmother left in a notebook.  She works through the patterns and then shares them.
Here’s a pattern for a vest for a boy.
A blog that has a new free pattern every Friday   The owl pattern that I posted about in an earlier post came from this website.  This is a website that I regularly follow.



Easter bunny idea from another blog

Today my mind has been on the annual Easter party that we have for the grand-kids each year.  We dye eggs, make rise krispy Easter baskets and fill them with candy, destroy a pinata :), and have an Easter egg hunt.  Sometimes the party also includes Easter crafts.  Through the year I pick up things that I can use and keep them until the special day arrives.   On my trip to Wal-Mart today to buy some socks I couldn’t resist  picking up some candy and small toys to add to my growing list of supplies.

Since my mind was already on Easter these cute crocheted bunnies jumped out at me while I was surfing other blogs.  You can find them at  If you would like to make some yourself  there’s a great tutorial on this blog as well as links to other bunnies and patterns.








(All the pictures are the artist’s property.)